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Victoria Della Torre | Owner & Designer

Victoria is the founder of Etiquette Design Company, a boutique design and production company that brings unique expertise in high end and luxury private event planning to the design and production of breathtaking printed materials.

Victoria’s early career saw her leading executive production of corporate events around the globe, from California to Spain and Malaysia to Brazil, leading large-scale, high-budget activations for global brands such as Google, American Express, 3M, Amazon and Chase Bank.

Demand for Victoria’s expertise, and a passion for events that unite family and friends, led to her producing luxury weddings, celebrations and gatherings in California for high net worth individuals. Stemming from her formal training in Art History, Victoria was increasingly drawn to how the artistry of events can create a unique experience that heightens the success of a celebration.

Victoria joined Yonder Design to deepen her expertise in the artistry of high-end weddings and private events. While at Yonder, Victoria gained experience in unique production techniques from custom calligraphy to advanced letterpress, often working with unconventional materials to deliver highly personalized pieces commissioned for events now featured in a range of publications.

Etiquette Design Company is the culmination of these experiences and passions. The expertise of planning events for the worlds largest brands and most selective private customers, delivered through uniquely crafted artistry that heightens once-in-a-lifetime events, elevates brands, and delights the most discerning audiences.

maria monterde | artist & designer

Maria is Etiquette Design Company’s in-house graphic designer and illustrator. Combining formal training in Fine Art, with experience creating commissioned pieces for luxury events, Maria creates uniquely personal custom pieces that blend seamlessly into the palette and style of any event or material.

From web design to watercolor and photography to film, Maria’s custom pieces create a continuity of style across the digital and physical to unite all aspects of an experience delivered by Etiquette. Clients, customers, partners and audiences across all tastes and backgrounds consistently praise Maria’s ability to understand their unique preferences. Maria has a talent for artfully speaking to the tone, theme, style and intention of their event or brand.

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